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Let’s Get That Book Organized!

If you have a story in mind, and you know how to write it~ kudos!  Write that SOB and get it to a publisher 😝

But if you’re having a bit of trouble knowing how to organize your scenes ~ knowing what order they would go best in ~ then this book is for you.

structuring your novel bookThis book is currently helping me organize my work-in-progress.Β  I’ve learned how to best include my slower scenes with my high-action scenes.

When I began my first draft, it was action after action after action~ disorienting, whiplash-inducing action.Β  But this book has helped me figure out a nice pacing that is both interesting and full of action, but not JUST action.

So yeah, if you want a bit of help with story structure, give this book a go.

Write on,


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