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New Release: Living Free of Alcohol (Nonfiction)

😊 Hello!  It is with a super happy heart that I share with you my new release, Living Free of Alcohol.

This is a nonfiction book about my experiences with alcoholism, sobriety, and breaking the relapse cycle.

LivingFreeOfAlcohol eBook Cover 1All throughout my 20’s, I suffered a lot due to alcoholism.Β  Now I want to encourage others to live a sober life.Β  Sobriety CAN be achieved, and sobriety can give us a brand new life.

In this book I give support and encouragement, and I share my own experiences of struggle, relapse, and finally triumph.

Included are exercises that worked for me, that may help others on their path to sobriety.Β  I give readers a “heads up” on the issues that tripped me up so that they can be aware of them and avoid them.

Also included are resources and a list of frequently asked questions about both getting and staying sober.

I offer this book on:

Amazon Kindle $2.99

Amazon Paperback $9.99

B&N Nook $2.99

Also available on iBooks and other ebook stores.Β  And because I know that alcoholism can ruin finances, I also offer the book free through my page on Smashwords.

Thanks for taking a peek at this blog post, and as always…

Write on,


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