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How I Get Super-Cheap eBooks

Perfectly legal, by the way 😝

If you’re a fast-reader like I am, you probably go through books like it’s nobody’s business.Β  But that can add-up and cost quite a bit, so let me tell you the ways in which I get to read a ton of books while spending very little money.

1. Put it on the Wishlist

I have a Kindle.Β  When I want an ebook that is full-price, I just put it on my wishlist.Β  I check this list from time to time, and lo and behold!Β  Ebooks often go down to $1.99 and even $0.99!

Have yourself a wishlist that you check from time to time, and you will be amazed at how often ebooks go down in price!

Be honest, you weren’t going to read the book right away, anyway, because you own so many 😝 You can’t fool me.

2. Get a Library Card

After moving to Colorado and dragging way too many books with me, I knew it was time to borrow instead of buy.Β  So I got a library card, and to my delight, they lend out ebooks!

Many libraries let you borrow ebooks from the comfort of your computer.Β  And the best part?Β  They have best-sellers and new-releases!

The worst that can happen is that the book you want has a wait list.Β  But again, you’re not fooling me.Β  I know you have a ton of books that you haven’t read!Β πŸ˜‚

3. Check Kindle Daily Deals and Monthly Deals

Amazon has deals on Kindle books every-single-day.Β  Simply go to the Kindle Store and click on daily deals– it’s that simple.

Kindle has low-priced ebooks daily, and a large chunk of ebooks on sale each month.

Checking the monthly deals is similar.Β  Simply go to the Kindle Store and click Monthly Deals.Β  You can browse by categories such as biography, business & money, religion, young adult, and more.

Bonus:Β  For Hardcover and Paperback

I also have a way to get cheap physical copies!

Check thrift stores, yard sales, and small local bookstores.

Thrift stores often have bestsellers a few months after they go on sale.Β  Why?Β  Because SO MANY people buy them, but not everyone keeps them.Β  They’re also great for books out of print and hidden gems.

Yard sales also have their hidden gems, and local bookstores are often 1/2 price, or they let you turn in old books for store credit.

Got any secrets you want to share?Β  Let us know in the comments!

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19 thoughts on “How I Get Super-Cheap eBooks

  1. There are also A TON of free PDF books online as well. At my local library its branches, they have a section that is a book store….many books that just don’t get borrowed often anymore after yrs on the shelves they sell them for 50 cents hardcovers and 25 cents paperbacks and the money goes towards keeping the library funded and if you owe any past late fee, you have the option of paying it in cash or bring the same $ amount in food donations. I’ve gone minimalist for 2 yrs now so I did get rid of a lot of books, what I have now on my shelf (singular, I use to have shelves, now I have a shelf πŸ™‚ ) are the books I will be reading (finally) this year and on my kindle I already have my TBR all set. I am going for a ” spend only what you need” kind of year with my $ so after a review of my inventory I realized I have enough books to read for this entire year. YAY!, and I am already down to my 2 nd book for 2019.
    THIS WAS A GREAT BLOG, thank you for sharing

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  2. Some fantastic tips here! ❀ Thank you for sharing such valuable advice to keep our inner bookworms buzzing!

    If you like, I was going to link to your blog in my next Mystery Blogger Award, as a way of connecting different bloggers better. No need to take part in the personal quiz, but would you like your blog signposted for new readers to check out?

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