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Tips for Writing While Traveling

Hello, Writer! Maybe you have a strong case of wanderlust, or maybe you have to travel for a family visit or vacation. Whatever the case, rest assured that you don’t have to set your writing aside for all that time.

There are simple little things you can do to keep your writing muscles healthy while traveling. Here are a few of my tried-and-tested suggestions!

1. Keep a travel journal

You can use your daily journal, or even better, buy a cheap notebook to keep with you as often as you can. (This will require you give your phone a break.)

In this journal, record the little tid bits that get your attention ~ the large billboards in Los Angeles, the spring peepers serenading you to sleep in the south, that strange thing you found under your hotel bed…

Whatever it may be, capture it in creative words in your journal. You can even doodle or sketch when words simply don’t suffice.

2. Write one creative sentence at the end of the day

If you can’t carry a notebook with you, just live your life. Enjoy wherever you are. Then, at the end of the day, capture the feeling of the day in a sentence or two.

Whether it was the joy of proposing under a waterfall, or the grief of an open-casket funeral, capture the essence of the day with your words.

You might also find that, after a long day, writing this down helps you to let it go and drift off to sleep.

3. Write something new

Give yourself a bit of time to write something new ~ a flash-fiction, a poem, a blog. Let go of your WIP for a bit.

Setting aside your WIP might be just the refreshing break you need to come back to it with new ideas.

I know I definitely need to “go on a break” with my writing at times, and when I get back to it, it’s always very refreshing. So if you don’t have a deadline, keep your writing alive during travel by writing something new and different.

These are all parts of life that you are capturing with your craft.

You can look back on these things later and feel nostalgia, or even use parts of what you have written in future novels.

When I travel, I love to put on headphones on the airplane and journal, then journal some more wherever I land 🙂 I also like to jot down interesting people’s appearances and quirks, so that they can inspire my characters later on.

What are your tips? Share in the comments!

Travel safe and write on,


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9 thoughts on “Tips for Writing While Traveling

  1. As most of my travels are short (most often one-day) trips to the hills, all I need is a pen and a small notebook to write down random ideas when they appear. As my handwriting on the move is awful, I then make sure to rewrite them in a more legible way the first chance I get (sometimes in the train on my way back) and when I can, write it to my ‘idea archive’ file on my PC – which I double backup just to be sure.

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