About Yari Garcia

Hello!  I’m Yari Garcia ~ I’m an author and poet πŸŒΈ


I live in the beautiful state of Colorado where I love to write new adult fiction.  I have a BA in English and Creative Writing with a focus on Fiction.

I write stories for those who are fierce at heart πŸ’•

I’ve reached the list of top free authors on iBooks with my romantic short stories for young adults.  My short story, The Girl in the Converse Shoes, has over 48,000 reviews on iTunes.

I now write full-length novels of love, adventure, ethical dilemmas, and more. I also love to write for my faith-based blog, Kindness & Calm.

I am a self-published author and I am not a business– I am a real person! 😘 So my blog posts are straight from the heart, just me sharing writing tips and everything I am learning with you.

If you love to read and write, be sure to follow me ~ I follow back writers and artists and more πŸ˜Š

Take care,



I am a grateful grapefruit. ~ Bjork