A Firefighter Hero for Her

A Firefighter Hero for Her Book Cover

 ~ Clean Southern Romance/Cozy Mystery ~

After a crushing breakup, Bonnie Hart is trying to get her life back on track. But her life takes an unexpected turn when a series of arsons burn up the small town of Ponybridge, Louisiana, threatening to smoke out all the secrets hidden deep within it.

When the handsome fire investigator Brandon Wells arrives in town, he sweeps Bonnie off her feet. Sparks fly, but Brandon isn’t ready for commitment of any kind. He is determined to figure out who the arsonist is and close the case– before somebody gets hurt.

Or worse, before somebody gets killed.

Hearts and lives are on the line in this clean Southern romance.

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~ Young Adult ~

Fruits and Gold

~ Dystopian YA Romance ~

The world is divided in two. There are only two classes of people– the wealthy few called the Opulents, and the poor majority, called the Lowborns.

The Opulents rule the world, and the Lowborns are there to serve them.

Katia Creek and Vincent Verona have met and fallen in love. But soon they realized their love is forbidden…

Seth Holloway, Katia’s childhood friend, will do anything to protect Katia from Vincent.

Their love is risky, uncertain, and forbidden. Katia Creek and Vincent Verona must risk it all to be together… or remain safe and apart forever.

Kindle Unlimited & Paperback

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The Ghost and the Box: Yari’s YA Shorts

The Ghost and the Box Cover

~ Thriller ~ YA

Noah Chen is fifteen and completely average in every single way. Her life is bo-ring! But everything changes the day she finds a mysterious crimson box in the middle of Gloaming Street.

Noah brings the box home and finds that it is a legendary wishing box, one you can whisper wishes to… and they instantly come true.  Ready for a new, exciting life, Noah begins to wish away ~ new clothes, new friends, new life!  And soon, Noah finds out the true meaning of the phrase “be careful what you wish for.”

The Ghost and the Box is a spooky novella full of thrills and twists!

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~ NonFiction ~

Living Free of Alcohol

LivingFreeOfAlcohol eBook Cover 1

~ Addiction & Recovery / Alcoholism ~

In this book, Yari Garcia shares her own story of alcoholism, sobriety, relapse, and the way to finally break out of the relapse cycle to live a sober life.

Honestly and openly written, this book encourages the reader to live a sober, healthy life.  Included are helpful tips, resources, and lots of encouragement along the way.

Kindle and Paperback 

Also available on Nook and other ebook stores.

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